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Our Story

Geoff at the vineyard

Secure Cellar Door is a family-owned business based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our business was created out of necessity to deal with the problems we encountered reaching our customers as a small wine producer. In dealing with these problems we found that our situation wasn't unique. Between the waiting time of changing your site through a web designer and the high costs of aggregators, we realized the real business need for wineries to be able to sell their wine online at reasonable prices. Having found a solution, we decided we could help other wineries improve their business by being more accessible to their customers without relying on third parties. Take a look at our partners so far.

Marketing director, Momoko Saunders, joined the team in 2011. Traveling through South Australia and Victoria, she talked to wineries about how they want to sell their wine online. With this information, she and the developers at Secure Cellar Door have created winery specific shopping cart software that accommodates the diverse business practices of wineries all over Australia.

With such a novel concept regarding online sales, Secure Cellar Door gathered the attention of Winemaker and Grapegrower magazine. The article published in the May 2011 issue, as well as media attention regarding the adoption of e-commerce, has created the momentum needed to encourage the wine industry to reconsider online sales.

Our business is designed to remove the dependency that wineries have on retail sales channels, which are now dominated by a small number of very large companies. Through the development of innovative software we enable wineries to connect directly with consumers – easily and at very low cost.

We provide wineries with an effective tool for selling wine and enable them to reach a growing and rapidly changing customer base. Online wine sales not only boost the profitability of wineries, it allows them to capture and use information to serve their customers better.

Ben and Momoko