Limousine Hire prices in Melbourne 

Are you planning to hire a limo in Melbourne but you do not know where to start from? Limousine hire services are increasingly becoming popular in Melbourne because of the different purposes they can serve. Apart from the comfort, convenience and luxury that limousines offer, there are other many advantages that hiring a limousine can offer. Limousine hire rates vary from town to town and from company to company. In Melbourne, the price for hiring a limousine can be as low as $180 per hour and can be as high as $500 per hour. This depends on the following factors:


Limousines are available in different sizes. For example, there are limousines that carry 6 people, some have a seating capacity of 8 people and some even carry a dozen people or more. The limousine that carries 6 people is cheaper than the one that carries 8 or more people. The prices for hiring a limousine varies based on the size of the limousine.

All-inclusive rental services 

Some limousine Melbourne services providers offer all-inclusive services while others do not. All-inclusive services mean that you will be able to get a few extras which are included in the price when hiring. For example, you might get extra services like refreshments, waiting time, motorway fees, fuel surcharges tolls travel times and other services that can attract clients and boost the price. Therefore, ask about the cost of renting the limousine and ensure that you are given the exact cost plus the extras.

Minimum hire times

A vast majority of limousine hire companies or service providers in Melbourne have a minimum rental time of 1 to 3 hours. Different companies charge differently per hour. For example, there are those that charge from $200 per hour up to $450 per hour depending on the limousine’s seat capacity.

The model of the limousine  

The price for hiring a limousine can also be influenced by the model of the limousine. Limousines come in different shapes, styles, and models. The price for hiring certain models can be higher than others. It is a good idea to request for quotes for various models and choose one that suits your budget.

The Occasion  

Limousine hire prices in Melbourne can be influenced by the occasion. If you have a wedding and need a limousine, or incase a Limo Wine Tours in Melbourne interesting you, the charges will not be the same as hiring a limousine to or from the airport. For the wedding, you will be supplied with a formal well-maintained limousine with a few extras like flowers, champagne, ribbons and even bows.

The cost of hiring a limousine in Melbourne depends on your specifications. It is important to ask about any hidden charges. Do a research before hiring a limo and compare the different quotes to find a service provider offering the best services that suit your needs.